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The college is the only higher vocational college of public health with Chinese Medicine characteristics in our province. In order to better meet the development demand of national and Jiangsu public health service, the college always adheres to the schooling guideline of “moderate scale, top quality, emphasis on characteristics and dislocated development”.

So far, the college has set up several groups of medicine and health majors (with a total of more than 20 majors and directions), including clinical medicine, nursing, rehabilitative healthcare, pharmacy, medical imaging technology, inspection technology, health information and management. Therein, two majors, i.e. nursing and “rehabilitative therapy technology have been designated as key national majors of higher vocational education; Group of Nursing Majors and Group of Pharmacy Majors have been designated as group of majors for emphatic development in Jiangsu Province”;the major of “rehabilitative therapy technologyhas also been appraised as a brand major among colleges and universities in Jiangsu Province.



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