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Located at the foot of Laoshan Mountain, the new campus in Pukou of the college is an ecological one in the style of Natural Forest Oxygen Bar, blessed with pleasant sceneries, fresh and clean air, bird and cicada chirps, and unity of man and nature. Along with the successive launch of express buses and the No. 10 Metro Line, and the continuous stretch of public bicycles and other convenient services to the campus, the new campus of the college in Pukou enjoys convenient traffic utility and a complete set of auxiliary facilities for daily life. Apartment-style student dorms are equipped with air-conditioners, water heaters, etc. Three standardized student dining halls offer nutritional fast food and snacks of various flavors, with rich varieties, low prices and a high quality. A modernized and digitalized library has a collection of more than 400,000 books and more than 700 varieties of journals in Chinese and foreign languages.        

The college enjoys advantageous schooling conditions and advanced experimental devices. As an institution of higher learning aiming at bringing up high-quality talents oriented to medical skills, the college always persists in combining theoretical teaching and practical training, and attaches great importance to the construction and input of experimental teaching links. The college has set up national, provincial and collegiate centers of on-campus experiments and training, and 211 bases of off-campus practice and college-enterprise cooperation; a total of over 200 attached hospitals, teaching hospitals, practice and training bases and employment bases.



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